Issue indexing for FAQ

Hello Webflow community,

I’m new to the technology & trying to add something to what our web agency provided.
The web agency provided us a website with a FAQ but they said it’s not possible to have a search box for it (which doesn’t make sense for me). So I did some research & managed to configure the search box, the search-results page & the results page.

However, the search brings me back all the FAQ articles with some words from my Nav-Bar.
Our Nav-Bar is composed with different menus Analyze, Reduce, Offset, Communicate & we have FAQ articles related to these 4 words.

When I search “offset” in the FAQ, it will show me all the articles with the word “offset” in it but also the articles without the word “offset” in it but with the word in the nav-bar & this is a problem.

I tried to exclude the nav-bar & the different container from indexing but still get the same results.
Can someone help me with this please?


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]