Issue CMS content with quotes ("Example") in Head / Footer / HTML Embeds converted to &quot:

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This issue is for Webflow @Brando and perhaps anyone else who has come across this issue and found a solution! Possibly @vincent @samliew @sabanna

I am using for a recipe site that I’m building. I am using JSON-LD to write the markup which is within <script> tags. I want to list the ingredient like this

"3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed", "1 egg", "3/4 cup of sugar"

and I have created a text field in the CMS to allow me to do this. However, Webflow outputs this as

&quot;3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed&quot;, &quot;1 egg&quot;, &quot;3/4 cup of sugar&quot;

when inside <script> tags. This creates an error and is not recognised as structured data.

Is there a workaround for this? Or can this be fixed on Webflow’s side so that the quotes work in HTML fields when inside script tags?

Thanks in advance for your help

No need to escape quotes . Outside use double quotes - and inside use single quote.

"name": "Mom's World Famous Banana Bread",

"recipeIngredient": [
    "3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed",
    "1 egg",
    "3/4 cup of sugar"

This is not webflow issue. The “replacement” happens when you write &quot; as HTML entity (Inside body as plain HTML). Not inside script tag, CSS inline style, data-attribute, meta-tags (title, description) and so on.


Write &quot hello &quot as meta-title

And not " hello "


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When I use single quotes in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, it throws an error.

Try pasting this into the tool below -

Any other suggestions would be great!

The errors (yellow = recommend) not related to the quotes.

Sorry, my mistake - that’s using " ".

If I use single quotes, it throws an error.

Change one an you will see

Thanks for looking into this

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