Isotope Integration Does Not Work 100%

Hey there,

I have a website where I weekly publish interviews with failed startup owners. I want to allow readers to filter the interviews based on the country of the startup, the category and the mistake or cause of failure. To do it, I followed this tutorial: Isotope Search & Filter + Webflow CMS - #36 by darusim_ws

All works perfectly. When I click on a category, it only shows the CMS elements that fit that category. You can test it on For example, when you click the “Country” drop-down and then click on United States button, it only shows the interviews about startups of the United States. The “Category” and “Mistake” filters also work and the “All” button successfully shows all the interview.

However, if you go to the “Mistake” drop-down and then click on “Lack of Time” or “No MVP Validation”, no elements are shown. It is really strange, as I have set a multi-reference on some interviews to these categories, but they are not shown. What can be happening?

If you need any other explanation, please let me know!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


Hi @loantusitevol

Try this… it may not work but worth a try. Add this code to your footer section in the site settings. It may be something to do with the new jquery 3.3.1 and the code you’re using needs 2.2.0

<script src="" integrity="sha256-ihAoc6M/JPfrIiIeayPE9xjin4UWjsx2mjW/rtmxLM4=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

If it’s not that, then I’m all out of ideas, sorry.

Hey @magicmark, thanks for your help. I tried the code but it doesn’t work. It is super strange, as all the rest categories work perfectly :confused:

Hey, I think I am experiencing the same issue. Did you figure it out?

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