Is there any work around to implement multi-image on non-collection template pages?

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As of now, I understand that multi-image can only be implemented on collection template pages, but has anybody found a work around for using it on regular pages?

I’d love to be able to link out multiple multi-image sets on one page, such as having the ability to control lightboxes via CMS, or display a grid of project summaries on the same page.

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@ztavel, at this time, I dont believe there is a workaround for this feature.

If there is, it would include some heavy code, which costs time and $$, so at this time not worth it.

@webdev is that your synopsis?


Thanks very much for your reply.

Essentially, here’s what I’m trying to do:

I want to have a masonry grid and filter system that displays images across all of our projects ala a sticker sheet. Using isotope, the display (on a functional level) works, albeit without the proper content as I can’t use multi-image.

Upon clicking an image, the hope would be that a lightbox would open displaying just the work from that project, somewhat like this rough comp:

Do you know of any potential strategies for which I could implement this on Webflow?

Hi @ztavel, I do know of people doing Masonry for CMS items but not for Gallery images, just yet.

Everything you are talking about is possible, just not with Webflow at the moment on static pages.

In a CMS page, you can get away with this and it does work.

Here are some links for reference:

Masonry layout: [Beginner Tutorial] Masonry Layout using masonry.js
MixItUp: MixItUp w CMS masonry layout issue
Masonry Grid: How can I create a masonry-style grid?

Try these, see if they work for your scenario. However, keep in mind, CMS-Gallery only works on CMS Template Pages!

Good Luck and Happy Designing,

You would be forced to use the API to fetch a JSON array of the images within the multi-image field. That is not hard, however you would need to come up with a way to expose the results, using a hosted app that can do the fetch and return the results to a script call on the Webflow site. Not hard, but not trivial either.

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Thank you @webdev, do you have any recommendations on where I could find out how to do that?