Is there a way to prevent load of lottie animation according to conditionnal visibility?

I’m currently finishing up a project with lottie interactions in cms pages and was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to prevent the load of lottie elements if the parent div has a conditional visibility set to hidden.
I see that after initial page load an xhr request is made by webflow for the lottie element regardless of the parent div being visible or not. This means for a page template where you would not have the animation visible it would still load in the background…
I’ve tried using jquery load only if visibility of parent is set but it doesn’t load the lottie element properly and therefore it doesn’t work.
Any ideas how to acheive this ? Because for now it means my template page loads irrelevant lottie animations in the background which is probably a bad thing for page speed or at least in regards to used bandwith for mobile users.

Thanks so much !

Here’s a page where the lotties are :

And one where they are hidden but still load :

Could it be possible to use an xhr abort() for instance ?
In this spirit :