Is There A Way to Add an IFRAME code to an Image Link?

Is There A Way to Add an IFRAME code to an Image Link?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

See My TOP Right Image that says Click Here To Schedule An Appointment

The iframe is supposed to open on Top of the whole page and then when done using the form there is an X to go back to the regular site… all this but NOT leaving the site?

You folks have helped me so much thank you… still learning… bruceo

It is impossible to add IFRAME code inside the image or link.
I think you mean that by clicking on image you would like to open some kind of modal window where is embed IFRAME. Am I correct?

Right now that link bring user to another page on the site, where you have IFRAME already. Is there not what you wanted?

Hi Sabanna, thank you for the info… I made a regular link for my image going to another page within the site and added the iFrame there… it all works … thank you so much for the help…

I need to ADD SoCIAL media Icons in Verticle position on LEFT side of HOME page… do you have documentation or one of the AWESOME videos that can help me to do this… my customer called it a FLOATING set of Social Media icons…??? I guess he wants this to show up on all pages??? not sure but at least for the HOME PAGE… can you help me please?
thank you … we are at the end… YEA!!! bruceo

I think this topic could help you with create sharing buttons FREEBIE: Sharing is Caring :)
Then all you need is put all of them in the div and make it fixed position on the left

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thank you so very very much

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