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Is it possible to take user to another page at end of animation?


Is it possible to trigger an interaction which performs an animated sequence and then moves the user to another page when the animation is finished? There does not seem to be option for this in webflow but I wondered if anyone had come across a workaround?

A mouse click triggers an animation and once finished takes the user to another page.

Delayed action on button

var elementId = 'my-links-id'; // id of the element
var timeoutDelay = 5000; // 5000 = 5 seconds
var redirectUrl = '';

// do not touch below
$('#'+elementId).click(function() { setTimeout(function() { location.href = redirectUrl }, timeoutDelay) });
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Hi samliew, thanks will check that out! Best, John

Hi samlieu,

Thanks for that, doesn’t seem to work for me, I saw another post you had contributed to which seems closer to the mark in that I want to pause, allow an animation to finish then move the user to another internal page. You had suggested an alternative piece of code.

I used it and it seems to work on buttons where an animation is not being triggered but on buttons where there is an animation it seems to freeze the animation as other users on that page noted.

Any ideas about how to resolve that issue?