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Is it possible to load the page with the menu open?

Wondering whether it’s possible to load the website with the menu open by default?

I want the menu to be a minor design feature.

Instead of clicking to expand the menu - you click to close… focusing the reader.


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Hey Connor,

Definitely possible. I’m not sure if it’s possible with the built in navbar element, but possible with interactions.

Make a custom interaction that has the default state of your menu as show, and then hide it when the button is pressed.

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Good point! Could do that.

Maybe if I have time I’ll give it a go.

Doing this one probono haha

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Hey mate! If you’re curious - I found a solution to do this via javascript!
Note - it only runs in viewports above mobile landscape - (768px width)

Before closing body tag:

$("document").ready(function() {
    if($( window ).width() > 768){ /*Only runs in viewports above mobile landscape */ 
    setTimeout(function() {


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Good one!

I’ll save that one for another day!