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Is it possible to create a link that populates my form's subject field?

My client is asking if someone clicks on a contact us button in a particular section - for the subject of the form to change to represent that…
Is this possible? I don’t really know much javascript - is this a javascript thing?

A thought was perhaps I make a field for each section, have them all hidden - then interaction to reveal the correct one?.. is that a bodge?

You can use a link with mailto

This will open the user’s mail client with the subject “My Subject”

Learn more:

Auto-fill form values based on URL querystring

@samliew thanks! I will try that today - really appreciate it :smile:

It works!! Thanks @samliew!
One other thing, I now have it so that buttons within different sections of the page will populate that field with bespoke text appropriate to each section the button was in - all good.
The contact form is at the bottom, if you just link to that anchor, the screen animates nicely.
If you put the full url with the #anchor within the link, it does the job but you lose the nice scroll animation - here is my question:
Is there a way to do this and keep the nice scroll animation? I just know that will be my client’s next question…

thanks in advance!

Yes possible to override the default scroll to section functionality. I provide consultation if you fill in the form here