Is it possible to add Lottie files to one item in a collection list?


I could drop in a Lottie file to a collection list but it would then show on every item in that list.

As there is no Lottie specific collection field - on it’s own or to reference - any suggestions for adding Lottie files to just one item on a collection list?

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Unfortunately not at the moment. But the Lottie feature is very new. It make sense to have it as a CMS field, so it’s time to add a request on the Whishlist:


Thought that might be the case - Thanks @vincent

@indexdepartment Curious about your use case for this?

@jeffjeanbap Hey, use case not too different to your standard blog post where someone might add a different photo for every post.

Looking at a options where different Lottie Files can be added to different blog posts.

@indexdepartment agreed. I was thinking something like this would be useful as an alternative to GIFs since keeping those under 4 MB doesn’t produce great quality. Specifically on portfolio items like a web page animation preview.

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@jeffjeanbap Ya, good few use cases where it would work great with collection items. Not sure if this is something they have planned, would be great if they did.