Is it best-practice to frequently use FlexBox?

Hey all!
So as we all know, FlexBox can be a very useful Display type…

My Question is:
Is it a good best-practice to be using Flexbox in most cases?
For example, should I be using FlexBox for nearly all of my DIV-Wrappers?

Section with Container, containing Columns, or maybe a DIV with some content.
…Should I almost always be setting the Columns, or DIV, to Flex?

Just wondering what everybody thinks about this…
I’ve noticed the Webflow Forum is very friendly when answering questions like this.
Lets just say StackOverflow (for you Mobile Devs out there) isn’t quite as friendly, LOL.

Thanks in advance!


Working my first cup of coffee and since it is kicking in I will chime in.

Flexbox is great when you need it. There is no point in changing a block to flex when you don’t. That really goes for any css display attribute. Your specific need should drive the use. I normally create then add a .wrapper-flex class that I use when I do.

Others may have different opinions. I think you it is beneficial for you to have a set of classes that you can reuse as needed and design patterns that keep your code structure organized and help define the content flow. Endless divblock-2* divs can quickly become very hard to maintain.