Is 200px the minimum height for a slider?

I’m trying to add a slider of client logos to my site but I want the height of each slide to be 150 pixels. Oddly, it will not go below 200 pixels. Is this the minimum height for a slider?? I can change the slider itself to be 150 pixels, but not the individual slides. Help!

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Here is the slider currently at a height of 200 pixels. When I change the slider height to 150 pixels, the individual slides do not change accordingly and the logos are no longer centered…

Start from Zero - use “real images” - and that’s it. You work with empty divs and background-images this is more complex to work like this (endlees styles).

Also more semantic/valid to use images!

With images you set:
height: 100px;
width: auto;


Do this

1/5: parent: Slider

Set the height to 100%

2/5: child: mask (No extra styles/class) !!


3/5: child child: slide (only set width) + text-align: center (to center horizintaly the image)


4/5: child child child: Real images

Add “image” to this slide (Remember also to add alts) - set height + width:auto; (and extra margin top/bottom for some space around)


5/5: Space right/left

Now beacuse you have diff proportions for the logos add some padding for the slide wrapper (or padding for the images) - option 1 (add padding to the slide wrapper)

option2 : add padding-top/bottom for the images


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Perfect! Thanks so much!

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