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iPad Pro navigation menu issue

@dram Hi there,

I tried using the code for the right view on iPad Pro but it seems I am doing something wrong. I pasted the code in the head (Custom Code, Project Settings.) That did not do anything. Then I copied it and pasted it under the Home page settings in the head and that didn’t do anything either. What am I doing wrong?


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Hello Rodica. I am afraid I am not sure I understood your question. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Also I see no code in the page settings.

@dram Thanks for your quick reply. I had removed it from the home page settings and added to the custom code in project settings. Apparently, it needed to be in the home page settings? I just changed it back to the home page settings.

I am hoping that the display view on an iPad Pro are the same as the iPad view in Webflow. Is that what your code snippet is supposed to accomplish?

Thanks in advance.

Oh. Sorry, no, that’s not it. My snippet was only for the use case on the post you took it from - to make certain things behave in certain way on ipad pro. There is no way to make ipad pro to show you the regular tablet layout without affecting desktop layout as well (as technically ipad pro falls into desktop resolution). For this to work you would have to manually recreate complete stylesheet of tablet view with all changes from the desktop and apply it to the specified media-query. In other words… you may consider it impossible.

@dram I see. Thanks very much.

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