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Ipad Pro > Navbar interaction resets (?) after device unlocks

Hi everyone,

I have a navbar with a scroll interaction on my hero section.
The background is transparent and after scrolling it becomes solid.

I already faced the following problem: when the page is reloaded, the interaction does not fire, and my scrollbar is still transparent. I fixed it by forcing it to scroll up when the page reloads

Now there’s something else.
I have noticed that on Ipad Pro, the interaction fires correctly, but when the device gets locked (meaning, the screen switched off) and then unlocked again, the interaction seems to have not happened and the navbar is transparent again.

Below, before locking the Ipad Pro. The behavior of the bar is correct

Below, after unlocking - The navbar is back to its initial state. It’s like the page reloaded, but did not scroll up.

How can I fix that ?

Here is my public share link: LINK, live LINK