Interactions Bug?

Hello I believe I found an interesting bug! If you look at on a desktop and click the dropdown menu I have two “interactions” that run. The thing is the “interactions” are not triggered by this item. They are actually in series to the Banner image there in the right column. I would like to know what you guys can figure out with this one :smile: ! As always thanks in advance for the prompt response.

PS: this is my preview link.

Re-create your link, please. Current link doesn’t work :confused:

Hi @finidev

Really very interesting. All that elements has initial state and then repeat step with initial position inside the interaction. What is weird to me, is that there is interaction with slide trigger, but your slider has only one slide. So “slide to the view” is working kinda like “load” or “scroll to the view”. So I guess, when dropdown menu get open it’s somehow refresh page (or at least slider) and all elements inside the slide react on that.

If you want to fix this you will have to change interactions.


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