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Interactions 2.0 initial state issue

I have a “product” mega menu that grows from 0px to auto. I had everything working but now the initial state isn’t working for some reason. When the page loads, it’s showing the menu open.

Again, the interaction is on the “Products” main nav button and should make the mega menu expand. If I click on the “Products” button twice (on the live site) it seems to reset to the intended function.

I feel like this scenario has happened a number of times with other Click-to-open, click-to-close elements. I can’t figure out how I screw it up each time.

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hi @Port_of_Folio …you have an ‘initial state’ on your Close Mega interaction… I think this is causing the problem… delete this and it works for me… you don’t need initial states on 2nd Click interactions… (i don’t think!) - hope this works! Regards Kai :slight_smile:

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YES!! Ok, seared into memory now. Thank you!

Great! :slight_smile: my pleasure! glad to have helped… :grin: