Interaction second click fails

I have a full page popup I’m triggering with a button. It works fine on the first click. The second click does nothing (and no pointer appears either over the element). I’ve tried redoing the interaction multiple times but it always fails. I have the initial state to hide the element & set the opacity to 0, then to show the element and set the opacity to 100%.

Any ideas on what I could try to make the button work every time it’s clicked instead of just the first time?

Hi @proximo, please share you read-only link. Otherwise, we will not be able to help you out. Thanks!

Here is the link:

I get an 404 error opening the link. Please generate the read-only link again and check if it’s working. Thanks again!

Thanks. I found the error - the close animation was set to the wrong target leaving the popup thus blocking future clicks.