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Interaction on slider(s)

Hi guys,
fist of all - thanks for this amazing tool! The interactions you’ve been implemented are simply the best!

So this is my case. I’ve got a simple responsive slider with 4 or 5 sliding images & texts inside. I’ve got a interactions assigned to the first slide (slide1) - the texts fade-in slowly, moving from top, etc. This text interactions are triggered on Load. So what I want to do is to make the interactions work on slide2, slide3, slide4 etc. But if I use Load trigger, they all are completed on load of the page instead when slider slides next slide… I tried to assign Wait time for the slider2’s text interactions, but nothing happened…

How can I make interactions work when each slide is showed, but not before that?

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Hi @Spoonk we don’t have a trigger for when a slide slides in, but we do want to add it later. As mentioned in it’s on the list of things “coming later”.

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Hi @Spoonk, we just pushed a new IX trigger type for Sliders. Check them out in the interactions trigger menu!

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Old post but its exactly what I am looking for. Has there been a option that enables individual interactions per slider.