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Interaction on custom made slider not working

Hey all amazing webflowers!
Once again I need a little help from you.
I’m trying to make a custom made slider, but run into a couple of challenges.

  1. The content in the text link wrapper won’t show. Well…every now and then it does, but not all the time. The content needs to change at the same time as the display block does (image), but I just can’t make it work

  2. Between the last image the first image, the ‘wait’ is too long. In the interaction settings (as far as I can see), it’n not set a ‘wait’ between them. So I need some help to figure it out.

  3. I also do think each slide is shifting a little too fast. I think it would look better if the duration where a bit slower.

Is there anyone who would be so kind, and willing, to look into this and help me out?

My share link is:

Link to live page:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Found a way to work around it

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