Interaction on custom code

I have embedded code with buttons. Is there a way to add interactions to those buttons on click?

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It’s possible but needs some hacky way to achieve it.

  1. create a dummy with 2 classes, then add whatever interaction you want to this dummy button.
  • (“btn-old”) : Global class to bind interaction. This class needs to add to your embedded button.
  • (“is–real”): Combo class to differentiate a dummy element from your embedded element.
    Don’t add this class to your embedded button

  1. add the global class to your embeded button

  2. add custom code


const allBtnClass = "btn-old"
const realBtnComboClass = "is--real"

let btnData = $(`.${allBtnClass}.${realBtnComboClass}`).attr("data-w-id")


4 ) Set dummy button display to hidden. Don’t Remove It.


First of all, thank you very much for your time!
Second, the buttons i want to interact are the “close, minimize & maximize” that are on the title bar.
Could your method apply to those buttons also? (with their designated functions)

Of course, It could.
If you understand how my method works you can apply it easily.

  • create dummy element to create a global class
  • add that global to element in embed code
  • trigger or target element on the interaction panel with global class
  • if you want to target another element in embed code just create another global class for the target element. Use the target global class in the interaction panel.
  • Use my custom code to copy interaction data from dummy element to all the embed elements then initialize the Webflow IX2. ( you need to customize it to work with multiple global classes )

btw, I think is much much much better to write a custom code to do all the interactions you need.

I’ve added the custom code to my project settings, created dummy button (btn-old) and added interaction button hide element on click (named it “hide windows”), then added “btn-old” to html-embed7 “close” button - but it still wont work :frowning:

have any idea what am I doing wrong?