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Interaction disables fixed position of element


I have a fixed image with an interaction triggered on scroll.

The interaction fades the image and moves it -500px to the left.

In preview, the animation works.

When live, the fixed position is no longer active and the scroll moves the image upwards.

This first gif shows the Scroll Out Of View fadeout in preview:

This second gif shows the Scroll Into View fade in, in preview:

This third gif shows the interaction live in the browser:

Site link:
My share link is below.

The page that has the interaction is the 2nd page called: interaction testing
The interaction is called: figure fade
This is applied to the div called figure wrapper in the first section.

Someone please help me with this, this project is stuck until I can get this to work.
Thank you!!


Here is my public share link:
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figured it out. and it only took me 2 days :roll_eyes:

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