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Interaction 2.0 bg image change on scroll

My question could be more general. What I am having trouble with is accessing the element I want because of the z-index. I can create duplicate interactions like I have done in the past but it seems I should be able to use one interaction over and over again to change the bg scroll interaction. Anyone get the bg scroll interaction to work?


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Hi, yep I asked that question today as well. If you have a div layer hidden, lower z-indexed and you can’t click it. The only way is to:

  1. Add the Interaction type: On Selected Element or On Page
  2. Go through the process all the way through “play scroll animation”
  3. Once you click the (+) plus sign, you have to name the animation
  4. After naming your interaction, you can then click the Navigator > select you element layer > then go back into the interaction, select the animation, then click the timer to get the dropdown and it will use the layer you selected.

Ok I tried to follow those instructions. But I have the animation names already. The second I click the navigation panel and select another element, when I go back to interaction it is start from scratch again. What am i doing wrong?

Found a cool work around for my purpose though. Will change how I name classes. But using an add-on class I was able to select the individual div. For instance bg was main class and then a class for each section. Once I figured this out though it halfed my design time at least and will make changing the the time and ease of this interaction a breeze.

Ahh yes I forgot… yep the class names are actually waaay more important in IX2 than IX1… at least in my experience… glad you found a solution.

It’s really about naming the interaction type first… but yes you will have to start from the beginning screen and click through until you get back to the named interaction list with the (Cog & 3 Dots) listing.

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