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Input fields borders missing on live site


Is anyone else having the issue where borders on input fields are missing from the live site?


No one? it appears to be affecting Chrome

Could you share your published link?

This may be stupid, but did you clean your cache?

have done since you posted to test - but its css not images and my borders show up on all other elements live except inputs

hum… strange, never had that problem. Can you share the public link?

Well I can’t see border as well @OvertonGraphics but I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. I’ve created a new website and I added a test class to the input field. I’ve created a border on it and it looks perfect.

I tought at first on your website that the color is very limited, but it looks like it’s hidden no matter which color it is.

I’ve found a reason.

You have a custom code:

body {
	-webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased !important; 
	-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale !important;
input[type="password"] {
	-webkit-appearance: caret;
	-moz-appearance: caret; /* mobile firefox too! */

The second part input... is making the problem. Remove it and it works ;)

Thanks for looking into it - how do i add a test class to the input field?


Look my post above.

Ah, hmmm. that was added so I could change the colour of the inputs placeholder text :frowning:

Will experiment further - thanks again for the help! :smile:

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thanks, will try it soon and get back to you.

Very helpful as always. much appreciated

worked perfectly - thanks again!

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