Industrial manufacturing B2B Website

We are interested in webflow but we don’t know if its the right fit for us. I can’t find any webflow websites for manufacturing companies that contain complex product configurators. We would need a site to integrate with a cpq, erp, crm and custom part configurator so customers can spec products and submit them for quote. I want to find an agency to design our new site (with subdomain) but I want them to have experience with the complexities of mfg and engineering companies. If anyone can offer a suggestion, I’d appreciate it.

@larab111 - I love Webflow as a platform overall, but my general opinion is that it is best for front-end marketing purposes only. There are ways to do almost anything with custom code, but there are also a lot of downsides in terms of missing features and functionality that larger more robust CMSs provide.

An example I’m dealing with right now is simple staging of changes. We have two or three people that make updates on our site and the process of publishing and knowing what is different between your live site and the designer is a guessing game. It never feels totally safe to publish the site with multiple people making changes.

You could probably do what you want with Webflow, but I don’t think it would be a wise long-term decision.

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