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Inconsistent Layout (Design View vs Live)

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for some advice - I have been trying to make my website look right on the various mobile and tablet layouts, and while everything looks good on the deisgn view, there are two main issues on the live site when viewed from my phone that I can’t seem to fix!

Here is my public share link: LINK
Here is my live homepage: LINK

(1) The hero image on the home page has been cropped so much that it only fills 1/8th of the area on my phone screen, with the rest of that space showing a colour gradient. The strange thing is that the hero images on the other pages ( /publications and /signup) are totally fine on mobile. So I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong here!

(2) If you go to the publications section on the homepage, the TO PUBLICATIONS button does not want to be centred. It’s driving me bananas, I’m just not sure how to make it sit in the centre!

Any help would be super appreciated, thanks :smiley:

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