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In which direction webflow developing? A small complaint

I’m a big fan of Webflow. I very much like it and I am using it since autumn 2014. At that moment in 2014 the CMS features didn’t exist. Interactions 2.0 weren’t even on the hozizon…

Webflow has undergone huge progress and has gotten better and better. But I’m afraid that Webflow might be developing in a direction which is less interesting. As a graphic designer, information and interaction designer I use Webflow for building prototypes, mini applications, ideas for websites and interaction. The CMS features are very interesting, but I did not use these untill now. All other features are very welcome and I use them a lot. My complaint: it is becoming more difficult to use exported Webflow code in other environments. For example: useful interaction and html/css structured information can be embedded in another online app environments, but the addition of data-w-id="…" additions (wich points to id’s in the javascript files and inline styles (besides classes) makes it more difficult to embed exported code.These additions have been introduced with the start of the IX2.

I understand that these additions are far less or no problem when using the Webflow CMS. But I sincerely hope that Webflow will also remain a tool for making prototypes and designs other than CMS hosted websites!

cheers, Rich


On the other hand, if you do not want those data-w-id attributes, you can avoid interactions and just use your own custom code.

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Proposition of Webflow is (or at least was) to make websites (and prototyping) an accessible tool for designers? In that case it would be a great pity when you force some designers to hire coders to integrate interactions.

If you’re going to export code and integrate elsewhere, you probably already have a developer, who should already know how to work with/around those extra attributes and Webflow’s code.

IX is for designers who don’t want to touch code.

IX was not created to be easily changed in exported code.

I don’t think a middle ground is simple here. You can’t have complex functionality without complex code.

Just my 2c in this discussion (I’m not Webflow staff)


Rich is right. Don’t ofer export if you can’t use it. Webflow may need to embrace grid as well soon or it can become obsolete. Those answers are terrible not helpful.

Export is definitely useful and usable in certain cases, like if you don’t want to host your website with Webflow.

If you don’t know how to integrate with a third-party plugin or CMS for example, then hiring a developer makes sense.

I think what Rich wants is kinda what I want and everyone else wants - If you give us the ability to make working prototypes with moving parts why shouldn’t we be able to export all of our moving parts so that we can code out the rest worry free? Why would we have to retrace or re-create things that Webflow supposedly made easy for us? The best use for Webflow is prototyping then bouncing what you create into a real environment - charging us to use the cms during prototyping is also ridiculous but that can be another topic.

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I would personally use Webflow to control my whole business but it’s not nearly there from so many angles - the focus needs to be on giving users the ability use what they made elsewhere and not put the hosting camel clutch on everyone. There are other ways to make the money.


Isn’t this already possible?

I mean look at this very complex design that I created in Webflow

This has been exported and integrated with MS Sharepoint

(For comparison, it is about 7x harder to integrate with MS Sharepoint than Wordpress, for example.)

This is only possible if you are familiar with the third-party service you want to integrate with. If you don’t know Wordpress or MS Sharepoint, you would hire someone who knows about Wordpress or MS Sharepoint right? This is not so much of Webflow’s end compared to the destination framework’s end.

Hi Sam ,
On that sharepoint site , is search functionality working based on sharepoint native search ?
and another question I have is that site running on sharepoint online ?
Thanks for info .



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