In page link scrolls to link at bottom of the page not the top

I’ve set up my single page scrolling site with 7 sections (including the top of the page).

I have a custom nav bar with buttons in a div, fixed to the top of the page.

I have set up these buttons to link to specific divs throughout the page. These divs are set up with a height of 70vh.

I want the links to bring me to the point in the page where the div is at the top of the screen. I had these working fine until i fixed the nav bar to the top of the screen and now the scrolling link stops when the div is just visible at the bottom of the screen…not ideal.

Any help would be great…is there an offset I should be setting for the section marker?

totally forgot about something else. I have set up an interaction when each of the section divs scrolls into and out of view. I wonder if this is stopping the nav bar link from reaching the destination because the interaction associated with the div is being triggered.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you please share your public share link so I could take a closer look? Thanks! :sunglasses:

Thanks Vladimir.

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