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In Mobile Landscape and Portrait, the First Slide Appears but Others Do Not

I have read numerous WF forum posts on this topic and tried each solution to no avail.

All slides appear on desktop and tablet, but only the first appears on mobile landscape and portrait.

Please HALP! :slight_smile:

Here is my read-only page:

Here’s the live site:

You should change slide display toinline block (Like deafult).


In your case:

  1. Create empty div

  2. Add slide class for this div

  3. Change display to inline-block (In all breakpoints).

  4. Remove the extra div - problem solved :slight_smile:

How this problem happens? If you first create class named slide for a div or text - and change the display to block - than add this class to slideX - you overwrite the core styles (This is how users create custom max-width container for example). Keep this idea in mind.

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@Siton_Systems SIR… YOU. ARE. AWESOME!

Can I buy you some beer or reward you with something? Seriously… we launched the site on Monday and realized after-the-fact the mobile slides were not appearing as expected. I’ve been banging my head on the keyboard all week trying to figure this out! If there’s a way for you to DM me, please do. I’d be delighted to compensate you.


hhh its ok :slight_smile: (The purpose of this forum is to help).

Please mark my main answer as solution for future searches. I was glad to help.

A gentleman, and a scholar. Very altruistic of you. Thanks again.