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In designer, the hamburger menu closes when hover state is enabled

I can’t locate any other bugs describing this problem but it’s been consistent across all of my projects and verified in Chrome incognito mode.

In designer mobile views (tablet, mobile landscape / portrait), the hamburger menu closes when hover state is enabled. This makes styling any submenu item on mobile devices “blind” with no way to see the effect of style changes.


To reproduce;

  1. Open the designer for any site, which contains a dropdown menu
  2. Switch to tablet or mobile view, so the burger shows
  3. Select the burger in the designer, and toggle Open Menu
  4. Select any item in the opened menu, for styling
  5. Toggle back to the Style (S) tab and select the Hover state for styling

The menu disappears, but still thinks it’s open

Here’s a demonstration. Thanks!
Verified in incognito mode as well.


Hello @memetican!

Thank you once again for reaching out! It was great responding to your post about the SQL sorting, and I really appreciate your detailed investigation and in-depth reproduction steps when you post on the forum.

I was able to reproduce this behavior as well, and it looks like the menu automatically closes anytime you select any state for one of the nav-links. If you navigate to “Open Menu” and show it again, you are once again able to see the menu for further styling.

I can see how this extra step is inconvenient, and I’ve alerted our Designer team to investigate and find a fix.

I’ll keep you updated here!

Thanks Andrew,

That’s a great tip, I got that to work well today.

I was using an alternative click path that seems to prevent the menu from re-opening, so I’ll keep an eye on that and add new notes here if I can recreate that.

Thanks @memetican for your followup!

I’m actually interested in this, too. If you can recreate it (or even just give me a hint to help me recreate it), I’d love to make sure this is resolved as well!

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