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Images scaling strangely on ios

I am having a problem with responsive behavior and/or image scaling on apple phone devices (dont have a apple computer to test on so not sure whether this works properly). The logos for the various establishments scale fine in the developer window as well as on android devices. When the published site is loaded on an iphone the logos are distorted.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi James_Thomson. I’m new to Webflow. I have the same problem as you. Could you solve it?

A screenshot from my iPhone 12 pro max and the logo looks fine.

Looks very nice. How could you fix it? Below I show you a deployment in android and iPhone 13. Could you help me, please :slight_smile: I would really appreciate it.

I did nothing in Webflow. I used my iPhone to access the site live and the logo looks just fine.

Thank you for your help.