Images on certain page not showing on iPhone (Safari)

I have an issue with certain images not showing in Safari on iphone. (Issue on Team page - link below)

I’ve tried testing this for mobile versions in the browser using the developer tools, but the issue seems to be when I’m actually viewing it on my phone in Safari.

I’m viewing this in Safari 16.1 on iOS 16.1. There’s also the same issue in Safari 17.

I read somewhere to try and give the image a fixed height and width in pixels but that didn’t seem to work. Also cleared all browser data and cookies but the issue still seems to be there.

The scrolling animation is done with some custom code -

@keyframes scroll { from { transform: translateX(0); } to { transform: translateX(calc(-100% - 1rem)); } } .scroll { animation: scroll 30s linear infinite; } .scroll-logos { animation: scroll 160s linear infinite; }

Thank you for any help it’s much appreciated.

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