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Images not loading?

I don’t know what or why this is happening, but it’s not loading any of the project images… See the live site.

Edit: The only images that aren’t appearing are ones that are dynamically inserted on the home / work pages. Images still seem to be loading within the projects themselves.

Edit: Restored a backup as I can’t afford to have the site down. Not sure what it was that triggered it.

Edit… It’s happening again. On the homepage this time.

The issue seems to be with Webflow selecting the wrong image with the new responsive image thing.

@JoeMillion this sounds like odd behavior. Could you please email me at and let me know which site version you were experiencing this issue with (screen shot with an arrow pointing to the backup)? Can you please send me screenshots as well of which images were loading/not loading and on what pages this was occurring?

Thanks in advance!

Sure thing. Will be with you shortly. Thank you.

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