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Images not equal - same class

All the classes within the flex and div blocks are the same but all the icons on the left are higher than the right. Could someone please assist! Thank you.

Here’s an example:

Here’s my link:

This is why Your two line descriptions are pushing your content up.

Change the parameter to this and it will align the tops of the elements

Thanks!! That helped. I’m still struggling with the bottom row. Are you able to assist me with that one?

Well, yeah :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest you to try this fun game that will make sure you won’t have to ask for help with flex again :wink:

What you need to do is divide your “upper” and “lower” content into two divs. Then use justify: space between option on their parent to make sure that two blocks will always stay at the top and bottom no matter what kind of content is inside. Don’t forget to style the new block where you put your content to be 100 percent width and align your text in the middle. The second step is to set up the block’s parent element to stretch its content This will make your content look like this

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