Images mobile zoom in and preview

I am currently working on my portfolio, and I would like to optimize mobile images.
As you can see from the website link, I have a loot of drafts and hand drawn small user flows to show. As it is now I cant zoom in on the images on mobile unless I pinch on them.
I would like the user to press on them and open up some sort of lightbox preview ( I tried lightbox but it doesnt help) or really any option to zoom in the image instead of having it as a small thumbnail.
I will make cropped close ups if needed just for mobile, but it feels quite restrictive.
Any idea of what I could do to make images more usable?

Here is my site Read-Only: Tatdocs

I use a Modal, which opens when you click an image. There is a tutorial here: How to build a pop-up modal in Webflow | Webflow Blog

Instead of a button, you click the image.

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sounds great and functional, thank you!