Images in Collection List Not Scaling Up on Mobile Landscape

Hello, I am building an E-Commerce Category Template page and have published it to test on various devices. When the published site was viewed on an iPhone 5S, the images did not scale up or fill the screen width when the phone is rotated from vertical to horizontal landscape mode. The images stay the same size as they are in vertical view state.

Attached is a screen shot from the phone that depicts the issue.

Here is a link to the published category template page:

Share only link :

How might I correct this issue.

PS: The links in the navbar at the top do not function yet. Still in the early stages :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hi Sara,

You could try setting the width property of the ‘cms image’ class to 100% for landscape mobile?

Hi James,
Thank you for your reply. In landscape mobile the ‘cms image’ class was changed to 100% width for landscape mobile.

Originally, Max width was set to 100%. Since it was not working out, it was set to none.

The site was republished and it tested fine on the phone landscape / horizontal mode.
Problem solved! :+1::grin:

Thanks so much,

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