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Images blurred in iPhone retina

Hey there, my again :slight_smile:

I have no idea what happen but my images (despite the fact the are exported @2x) are blurred, first I thought its because I’m scaling the images in designer… but that’s not the case. To make things even more wired they are sharp on ma MBP.


One more extra :slight_smile: Why “Z” is underlined in Chrome and how to get rid of phone underline on chrome?

You are using .jpg files for your images, I would recommend to export them as .svg files so therefore they will always keep their quality.

As for the Z I have no idea since i am an iOS user. :confused:

.svg would be perfect but this image in svg (it is vector) exports in 2MB! even with high optimization it is still 800kb

Tested latest export to on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and everything is crisp and beautiful. Are you still experiencing this issue after refreshing?

Yeah, JPEG is fine for this—the drawings are far too complex for SVG to be efficient in terms of size and performance.

Somehow I’ve managed to fix that by playing around :slight_smile: Thanks guys.


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