Image Sizing Issue With VH

I have an image in a container that I want to size at 75VH. I have set it to 75H and auto width. I also have a header block within the container. Both the header and image are in separate div blocks within the container. The content in the header block is causing the image to lose its aspect ratio. The image is maintaining a 75H with a narrower width. How do I fix this? I want the aspect ratio to lock at a 75H and the contents of the header to wrap

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Can anyone help with this?

Ben is this what you mean?

Yes - the width is set to auto but the image is not being adjusted by the aspect ratio. I want the image to be set to 75vh and then have the appropriate width in place based on the aspect ratio.

I mean set fit to contain and that will keep the image to the aspect ratio of the image.

But then the height will not be 75vh. The height shrinks

If the height is set to 75 but the width changes it will squash the contents.
It is very hard to combine auto resizing and fixed such as px.

I’m trying to have the width be the aspect ratio based on a 75 VH. Is that not possible?