Image or background?

Hi folks. Sorry to bother everyone. Just a quick one.

I’m trying to set up a simple slideshow for the few projects I have done. When I take a screenshot of the hero sections at the same size, it always changes to different widths and sizes in Webflow. I’ve tried using set pixels but it starts to cut off some of the images. No matter what I select it changes the width and height.

I don’t think it’s Webflow so much as the screenshots (although taken in the same size screen) always vary in size. Does anyone know a way to keep that same width and height for them?

Thanks a million!


PS also tried figma but always change in size!

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Hey buddy!

You’re no bother. A little hard without the website link, but my initial guess is that the height of the screenshots is different and that the cover/contain options are messing things up.

I might be way off, but share the link and we can take a look

Hi Sammy.

Thanks for getting back to me. Not sure how you turn on notifications to get alerted when someone replies? I never knew someone had got back to me.

I think the solution was I needed to max a set pixel height and with to exactly the same set through figma. It seems to be working.

Don’t suppose you know how to skew an image onto a laptop or mobi shown at an angle? I think this would have to be done through adobe photoshop. Any ideas? Figma lets you knew shapes but the ratios have to remain the same.

I think you switch the notifications below the final post from Tracking to Watching… But I’m not sure. I’m still new!

I believe that would be a function available in some other programs. I use Corel Draw or Photoshop for skewing, although I believe the PIXLR advanced editor offers the skew function if you don’t have Photoshop. Its a web app.

Glad you solved the trouble you were having!

Hi Man! Thanks a million. Fairly new myself. I need master photoshop I think to get images onto a slanted background like that. I’ve switched to watching to that’s perfect! :slight_smile:

Not that I have much experience, but how do you get alerted to try and help others on the forum? All I do is ask questions and I need to try to help others with the limited knowledge I have.

Awesome you replied and best of luck with everything! :slight_smile:

I just check back every so often and see if I have any notifications. There’s probably a better way but I’m just trying to stay on top of checking in

Cheers :slight_smile: