Image not appearing in Countries div block


I have a website with 4 different language versions. I’ve created a Countries div block to navigate between them, but the country images aren’t displaying - the block appears empty on Design and Preview (see screenshot).

Can’t seem to find an answer - any help would be hugely appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Aclass Essentials

Hi Guzzie, a few things-

  1. You’ve positioned your language selector images at the top right, and then added a bottom padding of 23px. That’s pushing your images above the top edge of the browser where you cannot see them. If I remove that padding in Chrome dev tools, your images are visible.



  1. You have a navigation element that appears at the top of your page too, but only on narrower breakpoints. It appears to cover your language selector.

  1. You have two Countries symbols at the top of your homepage. They may be competing with each other in your layout.