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Image Link Block Hover

I’ve searched for this topic, read some answers and tutorials but haven’t found a solution.

Here’s a screen shot of what my scenario looks like:

Basically, I want to roll over the image, or link block, and have the image change to a color overlay. I think the wrinkle here is that I have a link block and don’t use a background image.

Here’s the organizational breakdown

flex-item is a container
link block points to a project web page
image is a thumbnail of the web page project
flex-item-title is the name of the project


flex-item > link block > nightbird.jpg > Nightbird

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Why don’t you set your overlay color on the link block background and then set your hover for the image to drop the opacity so it will show the background color?

Well, I’ll be! That worked perfectly!
Thank you so much.

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