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Image & Heading responsiveness

Hello everyone,

Please help! Working on this project and I can’t quite figure out where I am going wrong. I have shared my read only link below.

I don’t know why the ContactUsHero image is not sizing appropriately. It looks fine in desktop view, but when I go to the tablet mode, the image is not filling up the entire section (space above and below.) In mobile vertical view, the image is too small and hard to place the text.

I am also having issues with the headline (HeroHeading on same page). From everything I have read, if I want to put the text on top I have to use absolute positioning but it doesn’t seem to stay where I want it. It looks fine on desktop and tablet view but when going into mobile it flies off to one side and adjusting the absolute positioning doesn’t make it move.

Thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

For headline use position: Absolute top and edit the top position accordingly to the view you want. see the attach image

and watch the results in the attach video link.

About the image, I don’t see any problem, work fine for me :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I got the heading to work correctly. I saw that you are not getting the same results as me when it comes to the photo. Please see link below to see what I’m seeing. I’m not really sure how to fix this.

Thank you


Sorry but I can’t reproduce this gap on top of the image in My side :slight_smile:

That’s ok. Thanks for the assistance. Maybe its a bug on my side. Hopefully once I publish it, it won’t be there. It sucks not to be able to trust what I see on my editor when designing.