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Image colour changes after publishing


I’m building a product grid where the images should have the same light grey background colour.

The images are properly created in Photoshop: same file, same background colour, sRGB, save for web. The background of all the images looks the same on the Webflow Designer, but after publishing, it looks different.


I looked at your image and I see the base of the pop box has some shading as if its has lost some colour.
I checked your project and as you say it looks fine, I checked sizes etc and that looks fine as well.
The images are 1200x1200 which may be causing an issue.
That said I dont see any issue on my screen with your published site.
I am using edge on windows.

Thanks @iDATUS for taking a look.

After speaking with customer support, deactivating responsive images solved the issue: responsive-images

Thanks for the update. Didn’t realise there was a setting there to turn it off if required.
Still not sure if turning it off is the best option but I see where the file is coming from and an image that’s saved to jpg and then resaved again using jpg is not going do be the best.

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