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Image Behind Text Randomly Blowing Up

An image on one of my client’s website is randomly blowing up and filling the height of the entire page (not browser).

The site has been live for months with no issues and to “fix” it go back into the designer and republish the site. At the time of this post, the images look fine but this issue is happening almost daily.

Here is my read only link


Hey Simon! Welcome to the forums.

I just checkd out the read-only, and the first thing that sticks out to me is that the image doesn’t have a set width, and you changed the max width from 100% (of it’s parent element) to None. I am guessing that’s why you’re getting this problem because the image has nothing telling it not to just keep growing. My suggestion would be to do one of the following:

  • give a set width to the image

  • give a set width to image’s parent element and then set the max width on the image to 100%

Hope this helps, cheers!