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I'm closing my Webflow account. Anyone want to take over my community projects?

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to close down my paid Webflow account which means that I need to clear out all the Webflow projects in my account. The websites below are from various forum posts, tutorials, and YouTube videos I have made in the past. Some of them feature in Webflow showcases.

Theses sites get thousands of visits a month which (in theory) means that people are getting value from these. It would be a shame to outright delete them.

If anyone has a professional Webflow account and would like to do the community a favour by taking these on that would be great. It won’t cost you anything on top of your existing Webflow plan (none of them have paid hosting). All I need is someone who wants to hold onto these and keep them accessible for the community.

Any takers please message me!


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So sad ! :disappointed_relieved: sorry to see you leave !

@jasondark - I will step up. PM sent.


@jasondark I would always concede to @webdev as the best choice for something like this! However if there’s something I can help with that nobody else more suitable is willing to take on, drop me message :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go, I’ve stalked you on here for a while and learned a lot from you.

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Thanks for the offers everyone who sent me a message.

I’m not leaving the Webflow world entirely. Nowadays all the Webflow work I do is through agencies so I work in their Webflow accounts rather than my own. $42 USD a month in my local currency is very expensive and I was only keeping my account open to hold these community showcases. Time to stop bleeding money!


I was wondering about this the other day. So if you downgrade from a pro plan to a free plan, does that mean you lose any projects that go over your allotted 10, even if they aren’t published? Which ones do you lose? Most recent?

I’m not exactly sure, when I first tried to downgrade my account I got a warning that I was going to lose projects but don’t recall exactly which ones or in which order. Didn’t want to risk deleting the showcases mentioned above so waited to transfer them to someone else first.

I love webflow as a tool but seems messed up that you would lose potentially thousands of hours of work just because you can’t afford the high monthly cost. If you look at something like Audible, you can cancel your monthly plan and still have full access to anything you have previously purchased, you’re just limited on future purchases. Seems like that would be a better model for webflow to follow. Maybe even have a reduced cost plan which allows you to keep all of your existing projects but limits future projects.

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Yep, it does sees odd that I would need to pay Webflow for the privilege of hosting demo sites that help their user base, not me. However Webflow is what is it and this is the least of my bones to pick. I’ve fallen out of love with Webflow for a variety of reasons which I won’t rant about here on their forums. I don’t really want to continue giving them my money.

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@jasondark - I’m in the same boat, used to have a paid account, but don’t work in the platform all the time any more so I cancelled my account. I still love it and want to keep helping the community, but am reluctant to pay monthly so that I can volunteer my time helping people out (even though I like doing it).

@WebflowCommunityTeam, is there any way to help out active users on the forums with this issue? Maybe past a certain level on the forums users could be offered a free pro account as long as it’s not used for any paid work.

Help me help you :webflow_heart:


Hey Sam!

If you haven’t found anyone to help I’ll take it over (and link to any relevant website you want to link to, like your portfolio etc.)

Here’s my profile:

It sucks that you’ll loose access to them, and I’ve even cloned a few of them myself so I appreciate the work you’ve done.

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FYI: The sites are up at their established URL’s and the showcased projects as they were.


@lucasmondora - I closed my account a while ago, although like Jason said I still have paid client sites that I work on. What I’m more referring to at this point is when I want to help users out on the forum with aspects of Webflow that require paid plans, like custom code for instance.

yes, it does do that

We do have a forum moderator program which gets active forum mods a free Pro account, if anyone is interested, send us a forum DM.

…or maybe it’s time for you guys to step in line with Shopify, Wix, etc and move to free developer accounts and a dashboard that includes managed sites where we have been added as a collaborator as well as our own sites. Please! :grin:


Or just any more granular permissions that would stop Webflow being a liability in an agency setting…


LOL… I think you’re forgetting you’re talking about Webflow here. If anything, Webflow is probably planning to raise their account and hosting prices.