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iFrame with dynamic slider

Hi guys!

Since we can only have 20 collection lists on the page, I’m trying to load the rest through the iframe - but somehow only first slider gets displayed. Any height adjustments skew iframe’s content - it stretches it out for the whole div size… Could someone bring some light why this happens and how to reveal the missing content? Any feedback will be helpful…:upside_down_face:

Page with an iframe is called Butikken; page that is been loading is butikken-1




Hello @Jekaterina_Aleksejev

Can I ask first why you’re loading an iFrame with another page’s content? I know you’re saying about the 20 collections per page limit, but what’s the end goal of this?

It’s a product category page - the client doesn’t sell items online, but wants to have them slideshow-displayed. As dynamic slider is currently not possible with webflow, I use this example to make one. But to have it fully dynamic, each slider loads 2 collections - one for each column. And so there are around 15 categories, and I struggle to have them in one place :pensive: