iFrame not working

I have an iFrame that loads a Pardot form. It works fine when loading from “mysite.webflow.io”.
The iFrame does not load when I hit the site from it’s subdomain “mysite.my_corp_domain.com”

Access the iFrame from the Contact Us menu & page

Any idea why?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @mark.martin

Could you share the location of the iframe please to make easier for people to find :slightly_smiling_face:

indeed! Edited the post.

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It will be something to do with the address that’s in the HTML embed and the settings where the form is being generated from.

Has the site been published to the main domain you want to show it on, and is it accessible without a password?

(I could be off by a long shot here)

I’ve removed the password. The site has been published on the main domain.
https://fleetplanner.ifsworld.com - subdomain does not render the form.
fleetplanner.webflow.io - does render the form.

I would say this is an issue that Pardot will be able to help you resolve. I think it has something to do with you using the sub-domain.

Did you set anything with Pardot as fleetplanner.webflow.io when you first set up to generate the iframe code?

Same code. Cut and pasted from use in multiple sites.
I think you are right - it is going to turn out to be a subdomain thing.

Have a similar issue with my iFrame. Did it turn out to be a subdomain thing?