I'd like to shorten my URLs but 301 redirect is not working

Hi all,
I’m trying to shorten my URLs to boost SEO. Is that even a thing in your opinion?

For example:

instead of:

I’d like to have:

so I’d like to change the collection name from /blog-post/ to /b/

I made that change in the Designer, then set up a 301 redirect:
/blog-post/(.*) —> /b/%1
then published changes, refreshed, tried incognito and different browsers

but it’s not working ie:

  1. the post list links to /b/ correctly
  2. but all the previously published post links in social media are broken - not redirected

I previously successfully changed this way:
/integrations/(.) —> /integration/%1
) —> /p/%1
…and it’s working fine for these old links:

But I cannot change
/blog-post/(.*) —> /b/%1

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Vendo

And the live site:

Thanks for your help

Hey, just wanted to bump this and see if anyone could advise on a solution. Thanks

Do you have some examples of the social media links that are broken?
My guess is they may have something like query strings or hash tags that are causing a mismatch on the redirect wildcards.

Here’s an example of a link:

which I wanted to shorten and redirect into:

So no hashtags or query strings

@VND1 - You can’t redirect collection slugs (restricted by wf). Change the slug of the collection to suit your needs and 301 redirect as needed to fix broken links.

Thanks, @webdev
I tried that but no joy

Try /blog%-post/(.*)

That worked!
Case closed