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Icons getting skewed on Firefox

Currently my website runs great on google chrome, but i downloaded the latest Firefox (46.0.1) and there’s a serious issue with the icons in the top right of the website. See image below: Firefox on the left, Chrome on the right.

The icons themselves are contained in div blocks with a fixed size of 24x24, so I don’t see why they should be skewing on firefox.

My site’s public share link:

Try to not use flexbox and see if this helps. Firefox is not the best compatible browser for flexbox. :wink:

Oh, nevermind, I’m dumb as hell.

That flexbox contained all three of the icons within it at a height of 24px. Chrome just wrapped the icons past the bounds of the flexbox, firefox actually did what the code said and contained the icons within it.

The problem’s solved.

Hehe… :sweat_smile:

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