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I.X 2.0 - Slider and Tabs interaction help

Hello Webflow,

Since 2 days I am trying to understand where I do wrong with the Slider and Tabs interaction.
I only got it to work well once, since then I cannot reproduce the same effect.

I want to know how to make sure a Tab or Slider interaction gets active / inactive or view / out of view reset. I use the same way as the other interactions, I create the activation interaction, then duplicate it to create the off or inactive action, and I delete the steps but only keep the initial state (unchecked) to set the elements back to normal.

But this only worked once. And I cant get it to work again on a slider.

The page where I am trying to rebuild that is called testscrolling.
And the page where I succeeded with the Tabs is called Planet Oedipus Festival, the Tabs is sitting in the center of the page (with the beer bottles etc…)


Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Okidoki, I’m looking at the page and see the 6 tabs on the left side. Can you explain what is supposed to happen, it looks like their working. When I click a tab the content changes for me each time. Unsure what you’re looking for. Thanks.

Hello Gary,

On this page you are looking at the tabs are working properly, as you can see the interactions loops well in between tabs, but on my test with a slider, the interaction did not loop, but I think, I did exactly the same steps and use the same settings.

What I would like to know is, when creating on/off, active/inactive interactions within a component, such as slider, tabs, shall the elements have unique classes, in order to avoid confusion for the scripts?
(which means not even using combo classes)

Because it seems to happen, even though I precise “Class” and “limited to affected elements”.

Thanks so much.

GREAT question! In my opinion, I would use unique classes. It will simplify the interaction thought process, execution and adjustments later on. After 4-5 months, or when the project is done, inevitably there will be changes. I like doing the extra work in the beginning, not in the end. Setting links menus, tabs, etc. are better served with doing work up-front and it doesn’t disrupt the clients “Live” site.

I thing you’re on the right thought track and there’s only 6 tabs. (IX2 doesn’t have limited to affected elements anyway) Give them a unique class beforehand. In addition, what if there are updates to IX2, or an IX3 comes out? Unique classes pretty much guarantees you won’t have major issues.