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I want a video to start playing after a click interaction


here :

You can see i have a play image in the middle of my screen. When i click on it, it make my video appear.

I would like the video to start playing at that moment so my user don`t have to press play twice!

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Try adding the following parameter after your video url:


This should then look like this:

<iframe src="" width="960" height="447" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

(of course change url and width / height)

Maybe you have to reembed your video, so that the url changes … since you did not provide a public url I cant see clearly enough how the video is embedded into the iframe.

Here is another helpful url


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Nice, now it starts when my page load and not when my play logo as been clicked!

Here in preview mode :


Is that sarcasm ? :smile: :slight_smile:

Then there is only a Javascript solution, that will help you in this situation.

Try to paste this code into your “custom code - footer area”:

        video = '<iframe src="'+ $(this).attr('data-video') +'"></iframe>';

Then make a screenshot of your starting thumbnail, load that into a webspace or dropbox and paste this embed-code element onto your page (Where your current video is loaded):

The imv-src should be replaced by your handmade thumbnail!!!

<img src="" data-video="">

When you now click on that image, it should start the video.

If there is a coder out there, that can change that to a normal hyperlink solution - that would be awesome.
Because I can’t guarantee that this will mess up your other img tags on your site…

As you can see, its … working … in a way …